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Deeper Than You Know

The hole is deeper than you know

The earth has swallowed you whole

And you’re there, where the air presses heavy and wet

Pain per square inch

But not buried alone

Can you hear? We are near

With dirt work of our own


The ache is deeper than you know

Though you’ve swallowed pills whole

Killing pain, just to gain equilibrium, and

Perspective, or

Camaraderie, because

Can you hear? We are near

With drug work of our own


The scratch is deeper than you know

Swallowing skin and bone

Bled to feel, or not feel, or to cut at a place

Where memories lack grace

You would know (we can’t know)

Can you hear? We are near

With knife work of our own


The dark is deeper than you know

And it’s swallowing souls

Walk then in light, with restored sight

Long shadows recede, and there is air to breathe

We are speaking to you

Can you hear? We are near

With light work of our own

You are never alone

Jeff Jenkins


I Like Sharks

I Like Sharks

Moving, always, water on gills

Fast predation,

No cheap thrills

I cut you,

Before you cut me

That’s the way it is,

You see?

I Like Sharks


See things sideways, one good eye

Hold this crooked thought,

Or try

But hold it softly,


This thought bites things,


Eye Like Sharks


Ten blades, (shark teeth) glinting slivers

Fair warnings, to unseen lovers

And strangers,

Who dare,

Reach in there, to

Touch the skin or the heart,

Of a shark

@Eye_ Like_ Sharx


Jeff Jenkins

A Heart Grip!

What if it really broke your heart? (Art)
Confronting what you fear (my dear)
Guts and groins give beauty and life (strife, strife)
And that means living and giving (your gift)
Sixth-sense-feel a way through artless days (malaise)
An invisible way to express truth (truth?)
No ego trip. A heart grip! that holds you (you)
And makes you, make art (Heart)
Even if you don’t want to (Do you?)

Jeff Jenkins (with thanks to @killy0urfri3nds)



the spaces between
what God does in Heaven
and what we do
on earth
feel like the span between
now and forever
unswimmable gulf of time
where we exist
where waves shake faith

God touches
the bubble
we ride in
without popping
moves us
but with great effect
into the river
of love

Jeff Jenkins