White, unleavened bread
Is light on the tongue
Is simple and clean
Unfettered by too much taste
So that I may taste and feel and enjoy
The one thing it represents
Pure, simple, broken
Single bite, single focus
Abundantly filling the stomach of the soul

Purple, wet, yield of the grape
Is rich on the tongue
Is flavorful and tart
Wallowing in its own complexity and depth
So that I may taste and feel and enjoy
The many things it represents
Beauty, invitation, love
Single swallow of a million ideals
Nourishing my sense of the potential of life

A simple bite, a swirling swallow
A simple path of life
A richer understanding of God

Jeff Jenkins

About scribblerjeff

wordswurdswirds is the first-time ever blog on words, language, and the culture they invoke, through the eyes, mind, and keyboard of Jeff Jenkins. Jeff is a Christian/outlaw, husband, father, reader, writer, theologian, philosopher, and pre-apocalyptic, pop-culture prophet of the new media, which is the same as the old media. There is nothing new under the Sun. When I am not writing this blog, I am selling commercial janitorial services, though in my mind, I am already at the California Coast with my family and friends. Word! View all posts by scribblerjeff

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